Jasmine is a registered women-led initiative in Jordan. It is an idea that was created in 2014 by Ms. Lara Shahin, who decided to work in the handicrafts industry through employing women. Jasmine was created in the realm of the economic crisis to empower women in the society to rise above this tragedy and become strong women in their communities and influence others. We want for these women to strongly react in a smart and market-oriented mind to face social and financial challenges.
 Jasmine started out with 5 women and now it has reached 40 women in total. These women grew stronger together and have reached a level where they can stand their grounds and be independent in their communities.
Jasmine had trained over a thousand of women in handicrafts, tailoring cloths, organic soaps creation, cosmetics, and face masks during COVID 19 Pandemic , targeting different segments (women of all ages, refugees in particular, seniors, youth, and war casualties), and secured employment for over 70 women throughout the years from their lives.
 Jasmine’s plan for next year is to target 200 women across Jordan to be trained on vocational handicraft workshops. At the end of each workshop, a round session will be facilitated between trainees, for them to have a chance to discuss legal issues they face on daily basis and discuss problems and solutions, in order to assist and support them in raising their awareness on human rights and laws. The overarching goal of Jasmine is to empower women economically and socially for self-sufficiency, employment growth, and social justice through innovative efforts.

Lara Shahin

Lara shahin holds a Diploma in Business Administration. She had worked as an Office Manager and Accounting Field Manager.
Since then, in 2011, she moved to Jordan and began to serve her community by volunteering with NGOs and being more engaged in international conferences.
 Lara learned how to be an entrepreneur, to work in poverty eradication and women-economic opportunities that has a critical role in sustainable development, to create a world with far fewer inequalities and injustices through ecological sustainability.
In 2014 she came up with an idea to empower women to become entrepreneurs through the project of Jasmine.
She also made sure that women should be knowledgeable about their rights and how to achieve justice in their communities. She started the project with 5 women.
They came from different backgrounds, and they all learned how to be self-independent and how to claim their rights in their communities.
 After year, skilled women teach other ladies, which lead to another 40 women inside Jasmine and 70 working from home.


We offer workshops for soap making, crochet, tailoring and embroidery arts in our center.
 The main objective behind the training workshops is to teach the trainees about the importance of the ingredients of making sustainable products– from the initial production till the end product.
We focus on all aspects of the training, from raw material concentration to the benefit of each material itself to the ultimate value of soaps.

Where We Are Now And Where To Go

Currently, Jasmine has a domestic market through its unique network with Universities; such as Al Zaitouna and Al Esraa University, Downtown shops, CBOs in Mafraq and Jerash and its cooperation with Sheraton and Marriott hotels branches in Jordan.
Additionally, we participate through conducting bazars in other hotels like Holiday In, Eyas and Rojeen hotels. Jasmine was selected by Tourism Ministry to be on Jordan Map for Tourism for 2018 which proves its success and potential. As for the overseas market, Jasmine’s focus at this phase is to expand to Turkey and Europe markets.
We have already established relationships with two bazars in Istanbul and Bursa. Also, Jasmine has regular customers in Germany, Bahrain and Hong Kong. Currently, Jasmine is strategically looking for expansion to capitalize its model to other refugee contexts and give a good example of women role models in economy and social justice.