Organic Soaps

Cleanse and moisturize with healing organic botanical extracts and essences from the Middle East and Africa.

Our organic soap collection features rose, charcoal, coffee, chamomile, turmeric, goat milk, oats & honey, bay leaf, lavender, and cinnamon.

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Healing Waters

Refreshing botanical extracts soothe and heal the skin by providing a calming, cooling effect while tightening pores.

Our organic healing waters feature fragrant organic extracts of rose, lavender, or chamomile. 

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Bath & Shower

Nourish and reveal gorgeous glowing skin with our timeless beauty secrets from the Middle East and Africa.

Indulge your senses with our deep exfoliation blend, rich body butter, creamy shower gel, and face & body scrubs handcrafted using ancient methods passed down by our ancestors.

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Luxury Botanicals & Detox

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