Body Mist ( rose - Lavender )

Body Mist ( rose - Lavender )

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Rose love

Body mist hydrates your skin and its light aroma will leave you smelling great and feeling fresh for the day ahead.

Propylene, alcohol, distilled rose water, preservative,

Lavender love

Propylene, alcohol, distilled lavender  water, preservative,


How to use: spray the body mist over your skin immediately after your morning shower or bath. To get the most out of your body mist, spray it directly on your pulse points (inner wrist, inside the elbow, behind the ears and knees). Can be used frequently

Caution: don’t use on open wounds, store in dry place at room temperature

Suitable for all skin types

Preferred to be used after Egojasmine’s body shower cream-gel & body scrub

Hand made in Amman-Jordan by Syrian ladies

Weight: 150 ml